Are you planning to host your wedding reception or party in a tent?

Some thoughts on this growing trend.

Sound Dynamix Disc Jockey Services has seen a considerable trend towards wedding reception and parties in tents. This includes weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and many more. While this is obviously a charming, budget friendly and unique venue for a party it can also be a predictably challenging venue choice.

From our experience here are some questions to ask yourself

1. Will there be enough room to hold all our guests?

In addition to the tables people will need adequate room to move around the tables comfortably

2. If it rains the night before or day of – will mud get tracked in?

We’ve seen dance floors become mud floors!

3. How will the dance floor work out?

The DJ will need room and potentially a large number of guests will want to dance well into the night. If a wood stage is being constructed….will it hold everyone’s weight?

4. Tent lighting?

Please consider the option to dim lights next to the dance floor. As disc Jockeys we know that a dance floor with proper low lighting makes all the difference in getting guests up to dance and have a good time. Very few guests want to dance on a brightly lit dance floor.

5. Power?

Potentially the most important item on the list. Will you be able to have a secure, reliable source of power and will it be enough to run lights, the DJ’s equipment, caterer’s equipment and more.  A large generator could be used or we often see long extension cords running from a house, barn or shed.

6. Air flow?

If you decide to rent a tent please make sure there are options to open some panels to allow good air flow. Tents can get very hot and humid in the summer and we all know your guests should be comfortable.


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