Jaclyn Turpin Buck and Doe - Embro Ontario, January 9, 2019
Jaclyn Turpin Buck and Doe – Embro Ontario, January 9, 2019

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For all those planning Buck and Doe events. Here are some free ideas. Most of these ideas have many variations.



FISH INSURANCE  guests pay $1 to be insured, if they don’t buy it and win a prize they have to swallow a fish to get the prize…

LOCK BOX GAME. There are like X number of keys and you have to pay whatever to buy a key ($5, $10, etc.). if your key opens the box you win the prize

HAMMER TIME – You get a big tree stump a hammer and super long nails. Whomever hits the nail down with the least number of hits wins ( EVERY little tap counts even to readjust) Guys get super competitive for this one and keep playing to win.

50 SQUARES – Take a piece of Bristol board and draw 50 squares on it and number them. Have people buy a square for $2.00 and write their name (first and last) on the square. Have 50 small pieces of paper already cut and ready, and then put them into a hat. When all of the squares are filled up, ask the DJ to pull a number from the hat. Whichever number is pulled… the person who’s name is on the corresponding number on the board wins a prize. We often use a $25.00 gift certificate from the LCBO or local liquor store.

FREE SHOT  get a shot glass and place it in a fish bowl filled with water, and put it near the bar. When people go up they can drop in a loonie and the ones who get one in the shot glass wins a free shot

JOKER’S WILD – Take a deck of cards (or two if you are expecting a large crowd) and tape them face down hiding the jokers as well. The purchaser then writes his/her name on the backside to the card. The winner is the person who’s name appears on the back of the Joker.

50-50 – Using numbered tickets, helpers sell tickets to win cash or prizes. Generally pricing is one ticket for $1, three tickets for $2 or an arms length for $5.

TOONIE TOSS – Place a bottle or alcohol on the floor a mark a line a good twenty feet away. The DJ will have people throw toonies  at the bottle and the closest wins. For a challenge, make it the closest without hitting the bottle. Keep it going as long as possible. This is a big money maker for most Buck and Doe events.

HOLD THE BEER CASE – Again this tends to be a big one for guys that get super competitive and because of that it can make a lot of money. Players pay $5 or $ x  to see who can hold a beer case straight out with straight arms without bending them. This is timed event and time ends when their arms bend or go down even a little.  Whomever has the best time by the end of the event wins the case of beer.

JAIL CELL – Adding to our very popular Buck and Doe Game ideas post is this Jail Cell.  We recently seen this at one of our events and was HUGELY popular. The jail cell became a spot to hang out with a drink and talk with others.
Concept – Pay to lock up the bride and groom or friends…..or anyone!
Details – $10 to lock up the bride and/or groom for 10 minutes.  $5 to lock up anyone else for 10 mins. (all prices and times can be modified to fit your requirements and needs. This is only a guideline)

NOTE: we do not have information on where to rent this jail cell.

We had Doug do our Buck and Doe this past Saturday. he was completely professional and entertained the entire crowd..he made sure the games were promoted and was super engaged..I would recommend Doug to anyone wanting a DJ.   Tracy McIntosh


“Doug did our buck and doe. He has excellent music to keep people up and dancing. He read the crowd and played music accordingly. Doug also was mindful of the sound of the music and it was a perfect volume. Looking forward to having him for our wedding too.” Jaclyn Turpin

Sound Dynamix was a fantastic choice for our DJ and MC. Our Buck & Doe went swimmingly due to the smooth MC skills of Doug, who took great care in keeping on schedule, announcing games, and taking requests. He was professional and courteous and I would book again for my next event! Kate and Keenan

Text Doug Russell from Sound Dynamix  at 519-290-0550