At Sound Dynamix we often hear from customers that had bad experiences with DJs at events. We are still shocked to hear of DJs that don’t take requests and use set playlists.  Customers should steer clear of Disc Jockeys (DJs) who refuse requests and operate solely from a predetermined playlist for several reasons. Firstly, DJing is an art of reading the crowd and adapting to their preferences, which requires flexibility and responsiveness to requests. A DJ who sticks rigidly to a set playlist risks alienating the audience by ignoring their desires and failing to create the dynamic atmosphere essential for a successful event. Moreover, denying requests can lead to a disconnected and unsatisfying experience for guests, as it undermines the interactive nature of live music performance, depriving them of the opportunity to engage with the music on a personal level.

Furthermore, DJs who insist on working exclusively from a set playlist demonstrate a lack of versatility and creativity in their craft. Each event is unique, with its own energy and mood, and a skilled DJ should possess the ability to adapt their music selection accordingly. By adhering strictly to a predetermined playlist, DJs limit their ability to cater to the specific tastes and preferences of the audience, potentially resulting in a monotonous and uninspired performance. Ultimately, customers deserve a DJ who prioritizes their satisfaction and enjoyment by embracing spontaneity and embracing the diverse range of musical preferences present at any event.

Sound Dynamix

Woodstock, Ontario

Stay clear of DJs that don’t take requests and use set playlists